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generatorThere are many good reasons to purchase a generator. If you work from home, it can be critical to your business or if you have special health needs, a generator can be lifesaving.  During hurricane season with the possibility of strong winds and fallen trees, a generator can come in quite handy.

There are portable generators which are considerably more economical, however, more and more homes are purchasing permanently installed generators. Permanently installed generators are installed outside the home, connected to natural gas or propane fuel and are always ready to provide electricity in the event of a power outage. These units come in weather protected enclosures and are designed to be in service for many years and use an automatic transfer switch. The transfer switch will transfer your home or business energy usage to the generator within seconds when utility-fed power is unavailable. When the utility-fed power has returned, it switches your home back to the utility and shuts down the generator. Permanently installed generators operate without any action or oversight. They even test themselves weekly to ensure they are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you are on vacation.

Au Revoir Water

Water always flows downhill, and by the easiest route possible. That is the basic concept behind a French drain, a slightly sloped trench filled with round gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your house. The name actually is derived from the name...

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Less Stress Moving Tips

There is simply no fun way to pack and move.  Packing everything in your home and moving is stressful and can be painful.  New homes are wonderful but they come with a price.  There are ways, however, that can make the process progress smoothly with...

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It’s the Fourth – Think Safety!

Each July Fourth, thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks. Despite the dangers of fireworks, few people understand the associated risks - devastating burns, other injuries, fires, and even death. We are experiencing some of the hottest temperatures and...

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Built- Ins

Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a built-in. Whether that means a desk framed within a seldom-used closet or a bookcase tucked into a niche beside the fireplace, built-ins maximize every available inch in your floor plan.  Dead spaces can be transformed...

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Making Small Spaces Big

Discerning home buyers always look for the amount of storage a home has before purchasing.  Closet space is an important part of the decision process. One of the most utilized closets in a home is probably the coat closet.  It sees a lot of traffic....

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Taking the Plunge Wisely

There is no doubt that the decision to build a pool requires an analysis of your financial situation.  It is an expensive proposition and then there are maintenance expenses as well as insurance and tax implications.  Recouping your investment when you sell should most assuredly...

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Brick Walls

Home buyers are drawn to certain exteriors.  Many homeowners gravitate toward a brick home.  It is resilient and durable and of course, pretty. If you are building, the choice can be complicated.  There are many styles, grades, and colors. Choosing the correct grade is critical....

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Ornamental Grass

There are two ornamental grass types: Warm and cold season grasses. What you plant depends on how you would like your garden to look with the ornamental grass foliage. Cool season grass starts growth in the spring, when temperatures warm to above freezing. These ornamental grasses...

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Builders Converge on Capitol Hill

More than 750 builders from across the nation converged on Capitol Hill last week for the annual National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Legislative Conference to urge their lawmakers to support policies that will keep the housing recovery moving forward and increase housing opportunities for...

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