Making Small Spaces Big

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closetDiscerning home buyers always look for the amount of storage a home has before purchasing.  Closet space is an important part of the decision process. One of the most utilized closets in a home is probably the coat closet.  It sees a lot of traffic. Organizing this closet with organizational gear can be extremely useful to a busy household. An over-the-door pocket organizer is perfect for corralling mittens and hats during the winter, and umbrellas and sunscreen in the summer. Hooks on the back of the door and along the closet wall are smart closet additions, as well. And no matter what the season, shoes will always track in something from the outdoors. Use a shoe rack to keep footwear organized. Set the rack on a large jelly roll pan or other tray to collect any debris that may have collected on the bottom of boots and shoes. Use adjustable shelving to arrange your space as needed. Tuck the off-season items away on a high shelf. Turn the door into a family communication center by mounting a memo board for notes and reminders, a basket for mail and bills, and hooks for keys.

Teaching your children how to pick up is a crucial parenting step.  Customizing a storage spot for your children’s things will make your life easier, and, at the same time, teach them responsibility. Trade the closet rod with cumbersome hangers for a row of hooks to invite little hands and on-the-go big kids to easily stash jackets instead of tossing them on the floor. Add shelves down low to store sports bags for grab-and-go ease and bins for accessories. Leave open space on the floor to kick off shoes or use a shoe basket.  On a blank wall inside or next to the closet, mount a clipboard for each kid where you can write daily notes and reminders and a hook for putting backpacks and lunch boxes where they won’t be forgotten.

Nothing wastes precious scrapbooking work time like having to pull out all the supplies and tools before starting each time. Devote a closet near your dining room table to keep those supplies at your fingertips. Practicality starts in this scrapbook closet with a pegboard mounted inside the door. Hooks keep scissors, spools of ribbon, and transparent pouches of stickers in quick reach. Deep trays of stamps and inks hang on the pegboard where they won’t interfere with shelves inside the closet when the door is closed. Inside, high shelves store photo boxes and bins clearly tagged with their contents, while plastic pouches hang papers neatly from clothes hangers. A cart of drawers provides lots of room for sorting tools, ribbons, and embellishments.

It is a good plan to organize your pantry to store all of your kitchen must-haves. Instead of installing shelves from wall to wall, these shelves stop short, leaving room on the wall to mount a broom and mop holder. By sacrificing a just a few inches of shelf space, these cleaning necessities have a place to call home, and any storage space that was lost was regained by mounting basket-inspired shelves along the back of the door for condiments and spices.

Having clearly defined places to put things away makes life simple.  It keeps you organized and saves time because you always know where items are located.  Homes need an abundance of closets for adequate storage.  Take these small spaces and make them bigger. Life WILL become easier.

Source: “Clever Closets Around the House.” Better Homes and Gardens. Web. 25 June 2013.

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