Bridging the Cultural Gap in Real Estate

Real Estate agents are just the people to meet, if you want to interact with someone who has had exposure to diverse cultures. Their job requires them to come in contact with people from all over the world, looking for their dream house or condo....

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Brokers Trend of Space Reduction

It is widely believed that when the economy improves, recruitment will speed up and office buildings will fill up rapidly. But is that really so? Today’s real estate brokers tend to disagree. Brokers believe that newly hired employees in the company would not result in more...

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Real Estate Forces an Art Studio to Close

The Caroline Collective has gained an image as one of the leading art studios in the region in the last five years. Despite this, the studio will be shut down this September. During a shooting that took place in front of the building last Thursday, the...

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Power Up!!

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generatorThere are many good reasons to purchase a generator. If you work from home, it can be critical to your business or if you have special health needs, a generator can be lifesaving.  During hurricane season with the possibility of strong winds and fallen trees, a generator can come in quite handy.

There are portable generators which are considerably more economical, however, more and more homes are purchasing permanently installed generators. Permanently installed generators are installed outside the home, connected to natural gas or propane fuel and are always ready to provide electricity in the event of a power outage. These units come in weather protected enclosures and are designed to be in service for many years and use an automatic transfer switch. The transfer switch will transfer your home or business energy usage to the generator within seconds when utility-fed power is unavailable. When the utility-fed power has returned, it switches your home back to the utility and shuts down the generator. Permanently installed generators operate without any action or oversight. They even test themselves weekly to ensure they are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you are on vacation.