Customer service strategies – do you use these 6 methods to boost your business?

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When it comes to increasing customer satisfaction, it pays to think in terms of the big picture. Concentrating on having the best website or funneling all your energy into connecting with customers via social media are not always effective strategies. It’s important to cover all the bases and focus on creating a total package that will keep customers loyal and satisfied.

Here are six strategies to keep in mind:

Protect your business. Guarding against credit card fraud can be as simple as familiarizing yourself with how customer information is stored and keeping that information organized. Preventing fraud is an ongoing operation so once you find a method to safeguard your business, stick with it and update as the risks change.

Use technology to manage your social media. Just as you should never underestimate the power of credit card fraud to bring down your business, you should not underestimate the power of social media to help you improve customer service. When used effectively, social media provides a direct link between you and your customers, and helps you find out what they are saying about their experience with your business. To stay on top of the comments, utilize free software such as Tweetdeck that lets you view many comments at a glance.

Optimize for mobile. Mobile purchases are set to quadruple by 2014, and having a mobile website is imperative to taking advantage of this new trend. When designing yours, make it simple to search and complete the transaction, and think about offering payment through a third-party provider like PayPal. This can help to increase customer confidence when making payments online.

Take a global approach. Coming up with different ways to pay also applies to the currency you accept since online shopping means your customers can be located all over the globe. To make things easier for your international clients, you’ll need three things: a multi-currency merchant to process payments, a payment processing gateway for credit cards and an online shopping cart that supports multiple currencies.

Improve your user’s experience online. For those who using a computer to make purchases, adding some attractions to your website may inspire them to stay on it longer. The Internet changed the way people shop, and many consumers like to get some information about a product before they buy. Customer reviews are an excellent start, but videos of your product being used can be a great way to show customers exactly what they are getting.

Create a great rewards program. If a tricked-out website is the new way of keeping customers coming back for more, then rewards programs are the gold standard. Even though they have been around for decades, 75% of Americans participate in some form of a rewards program, and they help promote a long-term relationship between you and your customers. Pick a strategy that’s tailored to your company and market your program through the online and social media channels you should already be using.

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