I’d love to buy, but I can’t sell my house syndrome…

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“Plenty of consumers are shopping around for new homes, but they believe they can’t buy until they sell,” states Bob Schultz, President and CEO, Bob Schultz & The New Home Sales Specialists.

He goes on to write that despite all the negative press, hype, and conversation about how bad the housing market is, prospective buyers are still coming out and shopping for new homes. Perhaps not in droves like during the go-go days, but nonetheless, those showing up are indicating an interest. They’re just confused, and it’s the responsibility of new-home sales professionals to help them sort through the clutter of that confusion and get them to think it through.

Nearly every day we encounter people who are seriously interested in owning a brand-new home but delay making the decision and ultimate commitment to purchase. Why? Oftentimes, it’s because of a concept that in many cases is completely invalid — they cannot sell their present home.

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