Pool Planning

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Sitting in your backyard feasting your eyes on a swimming pool with sparkling blue water surrounded by luxurious landscape that often resembles a tropical paradise provides hours of recreation and entertainment for family gatherings and social events.  There is nothing more relaxing.

Before you decide to purchase a pool, think about the type of pool that is suitable for your family and your specific needs.   If you have children and there is a safety concern, think about how you will insure safety for your loved ones.  Do you want a diving pool, a lap pool, or one that is strictly “eye candy”?

Keep in mind that a pool does not necessarily add value to your home.  In Texas, a pool is generally a positive. Some people will only buy a home if it does not have a pool. Some people will only buy a house if it has a pool. But how much extra will they be willing to pay? Does that extra amount equal the cost of putting in a pool?  Your pool can be a feature that makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. They add value because they are aesthetically appealing.  Interesting enough, the number of pool owners appears to be growing every year.

A critical aspect of your pool planning will be in determining what your pool options are.  Do you want a gunite or concrete pool, a vinyl pool, a fiberglass pool, or an above-ground pool?  Budget allowances will play the biggest role in this decision.  Although the average range for an in-ground pool is around $30,000, there is no ceiling on what a pool can cost.  The fancier the pool, the more you should expect to spend.

Other things you may want to consider would be the maintenance of your swimming pool.  How much work is involved in keeping it clean?  What types and quantities of chemicals are involved?  Many of these costs are determined by the type and size of your pool.  Will you use a pool service?  What does it take to maintain and care for the tile, gunite, etc.?

There are two aspects to consider if you are shopping for a pool: economics and emotions. Making the decision based on how much enjoyment and use versus the cost of how much you are willing to invest in it. But there is no definitive answer.  If you’re ready to take the plunge, just imagine coming home to your very own vacation getaway that just so happens to be located in your own backyard.

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