Pool Planning

Sitting in your backyard feasting your eyes on a swimming pool with sparkling blue water surrounded by luxurious landscape that often resembles a tropical paradise provides hours of recreation and entertainment for family gatherings and social events.  There is nothing more relaxing. Before you decide to...

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How Do You Really Know if Your Home is Odor Free?

With all that goes on inside the home, it can be hard to keep it smelling fresh. Last night’s dinner, the kid’s dirty soccer jersey sitting in the laundry, and Fluffy’s litter box—well, they all can create lingering odors. When it comes to ensuring the home...

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House-Obsessed Homeowners Get Inspired by Social Media

The Internet makes it easier than ever before to find home improvement inspiration. Social networking sites have taken the place of word of mouth between neighbors, and popular sites like Houzz and Pinterest let users share ideas and opinions on home trends with a seemingly...

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Freshen Your Space with Spring Decorating Tips

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The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Perhaps you have already spend some quality time in your garden or sprucing up your lawn. But what are you doing to welcome spring inside your home this year?

“It’s easy to usher in the warm weather and bring new life inside, no matter what style you prefer,” says Kris Woodcock, VP of Merchandising for Ashley Home Furniture. “From facing furniture toward the light, to placing a favorite armchair near a pretty outdoor view, to opening curtains wide—it’s relatively simple to make nature’s biggest spectacle part of the décor.”